About Joshua & Margie

As the parents of eight children, there is nothing more important to Margie and I, than family.

From the early days of our marriage, we had an amazing desire to be parents… and to be good parents. We just couldn’t stand the thought of having any of our children turn out like rotten tomatoes. So, we bent our minds and our hearts to figuring out how this parenting thing works.

First, we started reading books on the subject. For the most part, we found that to be a dead-end frustrating experience… too much theory and not nearly enough real-life experience.

So we turned to another resource: Parents just like you.

We started making it a practice to observe every parent we came in contact with. And more importantly, we started observing their children and how their family worked together.

You see, we had this unshakable belief that it is really parents that shape the lives of children. Oh, yes… media, environment, peers, etc… all have an impact. But, after looking around, we realized that parents have the power to manage and shape most – if not all – of those factors. So, at the end of the day, it was really parents that defined the family.

That realization was enormously liberating!

We realized that most all of the concerns we had about parenting, raising children, and families, were actually within our control. We just need to understand how to manage all those family factors the right way.

And that is how the obsession with observing other parents started. We wanted (and still desperately want) to know how to be good parents to these precious children.

It has been an eye opening experience by all accounts. We have found a number of patterns that seem to work with just about any child, in just about any circumstance. Some things just make an unmovable foundation for a great family. Those are the things every parent should be doing with their families.

Then there are other things… the things that are right for one family or one child, but definitely not right for another. Those are the tricky things. How do you know what is right for you?

Well, that is what The Home Feeling Community (www.TheHomeFeeling.com) is really all about. We wanted to bring parents in from all over the world and give them a voice. We wanted them to be able to share notes on the immovable principles of family life… and learn from other like families, the “custom fit” principles that are just right for them.

In the end, if you want to get to know Margie and I, you will get to know family life better.

Family… it’s who we are.


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