A Mysterious New Family Project

January 23, 2008

The past few days have been consumed… completely consumed that is… with a new family project I am working on.

Check that… worked on… as in past tense… as in DONE.

It was 6 days ago to be exact that my son, Joshua, pushed the final button. He has been on me for weeks – no months – to get this project done and out the door.

Now, finally, he is satisfied and the families and children of the world can see what I’ve done.

What is the project?

Well, rather than try and retell all about it here, I’m going to send you off to actual project.

You’ll get the full story there.

But, just so you know it has do with families, raising children, and being a great, wonderful, and fantastic parent!

Gasp! WHAT? From Joshua? Stuff about families and children and parenting? Who would have thunk it? lol

Ok, enough sarcasm about my family efforts… here’s that website…



Oh, one final note, if you like it, I have created 200 coupons that will let you have this bit of magic for free… as in not payment… as in zero dollars.

But, beware! The coupons are only good until January 31!

If you want one… and I still have some… just email me or drop a request on this page. I’ll send it off to you ASAP.

You and your family will be jumping for joy… and your children will be screaming for more 😉

Ok, now you can enjoy my new project.


Wisdom That Works

November 27, 2007

I absolutely, totally and completely hate fluffy theory.

It just grates on me.

Maybe that is why I’m so passionate about “The Home Feeling” community… everyone in there is a real parent, doing the family thing everyday, the best they know how. You know you are getting the real thing when you listen to these ordinary folks doing an extraordinary job.

This morning, I was editing some video of family chats we have done. This was the one where I finally got Margie’s parents to sit down and talk with me about how they did it.

You see, Margie’s folks had eight children and all of them have turned out marvelously… stunning really. So how did they do it? I’ve always wanted to know. For 12 years, I’ve begged! I’ve pleaded! I’ve bribed them to tell me! But nothing has ever worked… until now.

The three interviews I had with them capture and distill real-world parenting wisdom that worked in miraculous ways.

I had this thought while re-listening to them. “You know, until now, their influence – the impact of their wisdom and life experiences – has been limited to their children, grandchildren (no small crowd, mind you!), and a smattering of friends, associates and other relatives. But now! Now that I got this on video and can use the internet, their influence can be spread to thousands… maybe millions! AWESOME!”

Can you tell I got excited about the idea?! What was it that John said? “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth” (3 John 1:4)

By using this fountain of “wisdom that works” all of us are now one step closer to waking up one day with that feeling of unspeakable joy. I bet you’re looking forward to it, too… I know I am.