Were They Born for Greatness?

July 13, 2007

Were They Born for Greatness?
In my wanderings through different self-help seminars, books and lectures, I have discovered some remarkable information about the times and seasons that we live in.

As a daddy of 7 (almost eight) wonderful children (yes, all from the same wife, and no there are not any twins… just thought I’d get that out of the way!) I am constantly on the search for way to be a better dad, better husband, better man. This pursuit has lead me down some wonderful paths and I have learned a great deal about how to raise children. I don’t hesitate to say that our children are not perfect – that’s because they are human and have absorbed a good number of my errors. But, that aside, I also don’t hesitate stating that, by most standards – Godly and worldly – my dear children are rising to levels of greatness earlier and faster than I ever obtained… though they still have a ways to go before they catch up to my dear Margie.

It has been said that each generation faces their own set of challenges. I believe that to be true. But, a quick review of history shows that some generations have faced much larger challenges than all the rest. Consider the Founding Fathers and the enormous challenges they faced. They rose to that challenge and created a type of government that had NEVER been created before in the history of mankind. Amazing. And what about the men and women that came through World War II? They thwarted a great evil and rescued us all from a hideous, cruel and violent tyrant. And had the boys in blue not done their duty, my colored friends may still yet be confined to live under the whip and labor under the taskmaster.

Looking at these times of crisis, it is clear to see that there are definitive patterns in history. It is that pattern that I have become fascinated with. It is that pattern that has spawned this blog and may yet grow into a series of books, ebooks, lectures and seminars, for I intent to expand and spread and – dare I say – proselyte?? – this message far and wide.

Let me explain…

Have you noticed that we are not living in the days of peace that many have enjoyed? More than that, have you noticed that globally there is a tide turning and we are rapidly approaching a number of major challenges on multiple fronts. If you are a Christian – which I am happy to confess that I am – you will recognize that many of these events are not news, but part of the course of our earth’s life.

Skipping all the details for now, suffice it say that we are coming into a serious crisis period that will likely equal… no, I should say exceed… the past challenges faced by our nation, and indeed the whole world. If that is true (and I believe without reservation that it is) then those of us with children have an unusual duty and opportunity on our hands.

The children of history that awake into the world just before a dreadful crisis must be stronger, brighter, endowed with more wisdom and trained to live in a different world than most generations. They must be bold, noble, godly, firm and steadfast in their values and leadership… otherwise evil, greedy, destructive men will step in to take the reins of leadership and suppress our freedoms and our liberties and our hopes of peace. This is precisely how Hitler came to power. WWI left a massive void within Europe and particularly within Germany, and there were no great, good leaders to step in and rebuild in positive ways. So, Hitler – a man of enormous leadership, but zero morals – and his Nazis entered a field ripe for cultivating and controlling. Consider this… Hitler and Churchill were both boys and young men just prior to the global crisis.

Our children stand at that same crossroads. And their values will be fashioned in the homes and the environments that we provide for them today. They were born for greatness – of that I am certain. So, as parents we have a charge to both prepare them for the task at hand and embed in them a sense of morals and values so that they will not only assume leadership, but they will assume good leadership.

So, my friends, as parents today, ours is an opportunity to build a new world – to raise greatness in our homes so that they might lift the world to greatness during a dark and troublesome period. And like our Founding Fathers, we should understand and know that the world is watching us and history is poised to record with sharp clarity if we faithfully fulfilled our duties… or if we shunned them.

This blog and the other resources that I will either create or recommend from time to time, are dedicated to raising greatness… to raising children that will reshape our world of chaos.