Welcome to The Home Feeling Blog


“Yes – I do.”

With that Margie and I were married on April 27, 1995. By November 1996 we brought our first child into the world… a daughter we first named Elizabeth (it only lasted about 12 hours…a funny story for another day) and then changed it to Esther.

Today, 12.5 years later, we are the happy parents of 8 children – 3 daughters and whole pack of boys.

As we have struggled to raise all these children, the question has come up more than once, “Are we doing this right, or just destroying the lives 8 precious souls?”

So how do you know if what you are doing today is going to create the wonderful, amazing grown-ups of tomorrow that we all hope and pray will be out children? Margie and I realized that they only way to really know was to observe other families. “What are they doing? And is it working or flopping?”

I call it our “observation obsession.” But, frankly, it has served us well. The lessons we’ve learned from others is AMAZING.

In a nutshell, that is what The Home Feeling is all about… learning from other parents… the good and the bad… so that we can have the best shot at raising wonderful children inside of fantastically strong homes.

Will you join us on this marvelous and exciting journey? I hope so!

We have already sneaked into the homes of a number of parents and picked their brains on their best (and worst) practices. The wealth of insights, humor, tears, and lessons is nothing short of awesome. We’re posting it all at www.TheHomeFeeling.com. Come check it out.


3 Responses to Welcome to The Home Feeling Blog

  1. Laurie Nielson says:

    Hey Joshua and Margie…I finally realized that you switched your blog. This is really nice and looks like a lot of work has gone into it. I like it. I will have to sit down and really watch the videos and such. Is this the project that you have been working on? Take care, Laurie

  2. Catherine says:

    Joahua and Margie, I cannot find an email to contact you directly, but would like to chat with you via email if possible. Will you please email me back?

  3. Hi Catherine,

    Sorry about the frustration on finding us. You can send an email to thf at thehomefeeling.com


    — Joshua

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